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My Trip to Amarillo,Texas From Graham & Back

 Maybe this is why this trip was so, so, so, ugh! It took 7 hours of a usual 5 to get there ‘cuz Paige has a bladder the size of a pea, we get there, Our rooms are wrong & poor Deidra & Toby had to share a twin bed. When we get Alex, he didn’t take his ADHD meds & was OMG excited! The next day after being told 4 times, he forgot his meds again! & was wound up. After asking him to calm down all day, after @ Hastings, the comic book store & EZ Pawn, On the Border (yum!), the movies & everywhere else, he decides we are picking on him & gets upset. We weren’t. I just don’t think he realizes how hard it is when he is talking, laughing, yelling, arguing, ect, to be around it ALL DAY!

Anyway it got worked out & went back to the ranch. We went to the living room,played Xbox, got on our pc’s, & watched a movie. Then we crashed!

The next day, Deidra & Toby had to leave early & we are all sad ‘cuz we have to leave but it was better than usual. He’s coming home @ semester break. We say our good byes, me with tears & climb back into that damn car which being in for three days solid did not agree @ all w/my chronic pain. Today, my cage feels it is on fire & my legs have pain from top to toes. But, I got to see my baby & the pain will get better.


I downloaded a theme from wordpress but it won’t upload! why have it in the directory then?


My Music

I really liked this!

Down the Road

My sons have only a vague notion of what music is popular today.

It’s because their avenues to hear it are few. Once in a while they’ll stumble across a song on YouTube. They have iPods and iTunes accounts, but they use them only to download and play games. MTV doesn’t play videos anymore. Top 40 radio is long gone, replaced by today’s fragmented radio landscape. No one station holds their interest for very long.

Ah, top 40 radio. When I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, I listened constantly, and the music I heard there formed the soundtrack of my life. I always knew all of the popular songs. Some of them thrilled me, many were merely okay, and I didn’t care for some songs at all. But wondering what song they’d play next and looking forward to hearing brand new songs kept me listening.

Radio was so exciting that I wanted…

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Seeing if this works!

Seeing if this works!


A Better Me

A Better Me

I really like this pic!


FAMOUS WORDS (of course, not mine!)

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing  over and over again and expecting different results”.  Think about this quote  for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to the way you run your life? I get stuck & come back to that quote & go”Duh, Christia!” lol

I DID IT!!!!!!!!

I set up my themes & now have a semi-functioning blog with more to come!

My First Post Starts With the Matriarchal Beginning of my Family Lineage

The Beginnings of a Stong Line of Women.

A Saint on Earth

 I thought it would be appropriate to begin my blog with my beginnings about this woman, my great grandmother, Nannie Berry. She was an amazing woman. One of the few people I have ever met that was surely going to heaven & would be one of God’s angels. I am so thankful to my mother for taking me to see her & am so thankful to God for being able to recall that day 33 years ago with such clarity. I remember the food she had cooked for us, the love in her eyes, the peacefulness that surrounded her & how amazing it felt to lay my head in her lap & have her worn out, knarled hands stroke my hair.

    She had a very hard life. She was married to a hard, harsh man who didn’t seem to appreciate what a jewel he had. She suffered greatly but you never heard her complain or say a mean thing about anyone. She was truly an amazing woman that was proud, loving, giving, selfless, hard working, kind-hearted & any other positive adjectives you can think of. You just cannot imagine all this woman did. She bore 6 (I think, I don’t know of any miscarriages) children, one being my grandmother, my MeMaw, Myrtle “Leona” Carney. They were very poor in money but had a great amount of land, cattle, & crops. Her own garden she attended to was like a huge crop in itself. She planted, tended, picked the most amazing things. My,the fruits,vegetables, & legumes she grew were outstanding!  I am sure you have heard of “green thumbs”  but she had “green hands”, lol!

     Once the garden was in, she would start the process of canning. For those of you that might not know what that is, it is a back-breaking, terribly hard, sweaty labor. It takes weeks to do & there was no air conditioning so it was hot as hell, literally. The process best as I can remember from helping my MeMaw, was huge containers, compression cookers, with whatever you were canning: squash, tomatoes, pickles, gumbo, hot sauce, jellies, jams, you name it, she canned it in tons of Mason jars. The family was huge,plus you always made way extra for those that suffered setbacks like those whose crops failed, illness or injuries in the family, house fires, families starving or payments for services, ect. So you can imagine the massive volume of produce & burns as well as huge calluses were the norm from this kind of work.

    In addition to this, she had a large chicken coup that she raised her own chickens, gathered the eggs twice daily, killed, de-feathered & cooked her own chickens. She was the best cook & the recipes she has passed down are infamous in old church cookbooks & my families cookbooks. She churned all the their butter,made buttermilk,baked dozens of loaves of bread a week & I could just go on & on. I haven’t even begun to describe all the house work she did. Of course, as her daughters grew, they helped tremendously. It was hard work, a hard way of life. But she had her faith & her love of her family. As most men were of that generation, Daddy Guy was a hard man. My great aunts & grandmother left home or ran away to get away from him, as he was a harsh man & heavy with the punishments & light on showing love. They made bad choices to escape. I know he loved Nannie but he chased away her children & they weren’t welcome once they disgraced him so she had to write to them on the sly & she was so isolated.

    I share this with you for many reasons. We tend to complain how hard our life is, how hard we work,how bad our children are, how our husbands treat us, ect. So I share this story of this courageous woman that worked harder than any of us can ever imagine for so little in return. But she didn’t see it as “so little in return” She knew no other way. She could either be miserable & let life bring her down or make the best of it & be happy. She chose the latter. She kept happy, she loved her God & her faith got her through. So, when I am complaining, I try to think of her & it reminds me that if she can do all she did & still find a way to be at peace, loving, kind & forgiving, why, then I can too. I have about a 1/4th of the problems she did & I hope sharing this with you, you can see no matter your circumstances, you can choose to. Choose to not let your life make you bitter but to let your life make you happy. You can find the good in the bad, always. Nothing is all bad & if you examine the good, you can build on it. Life was never meant to be easy. We have to grow up & decide what we want. You never reach the mountain top without going through the vallies. In my circumstances, which I intend to share as i go, I have had to start over many times. I didn’t  always do it right or do things for the right reasons & have had to make hard choices & have had to come back from many mistakes. I have regrets, things said & done in anger, acted on jealousy & greed but the one thing I do know is if you can only see the bad, you aren’t seeing the good. There is so much good if you look for it. Never give up hope, try to examine why you are where you are & learn from it to change. I am no expert, I have just learned to learn from others & from my own mistakes.

    I close with my favorite quote from Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over while expecting a different outcome.” Red rose